Hip Replacement Surgery

Mini Incision Hip Replacement

Conventional hip replacement surgery typically uses an incision of 20 cms in length. Mini incision hip replacement is typically one, which is less than 10cms in length. Although mini incision hip replacement has become popular and at times fashionable, it is important to bear in mind that the ultimate result of hip replacement surgery is highly dependent on accurate and proper positioning of the components. There is no functional difference in recovery, 6 weeks after the operation, using either technique. Indeed there have been reports of greater surgeon error, when using the mini incision & 2 incision techniques.


Mini Hip Replacement


Mini Hip Replacement

Mr Patel does not perform the 2 incision minimally invasive hip replacement, however where possible he does perform a single incision mini hip replacement.

Which Hip Replacement is Best for You?
The specific type of hip replacement that is best suited for a particular patient is highly dependent on the patient. Therefore, the final decision is individually tailored to the patient’s situation.

Mini Incision Hip Replacement Surgery, London
Please contact Mr Jig Patel FRCS for more information and to arrange a consultation about Mini Incision Hip Replacement Surgery.

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