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Resurfacing Hip Replacement




Resurfacing procedures are a form of hip replacement surgery. Only the surface of the femoral head (the ball) is resurfaced where as in conventional hip replacement surgery the head of the femur (ball) is resected (cut away).The metal resurfacing head then articulates with a metal socket placed into the pelvis.

The midterm (10 year) results of resurfacing hip replacements have been highly encouraging in the young population. The longer term results (15 to 20 year) are not known. However, metal on metal resurfacing procedures are not typically suitable for the majority of patients.

Which Hip Replacement is Best for You?
The specific type of hip replacement that is best suited for a particular patient is highly dependant on the patient. Therefore, the final decision is individually tailored to the patient’s situation.

Resurfacing Hip Replacement Surgery, London
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