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Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery
The decision to undergo knee replacement can be difficult, and for this reason it is important you are aware of the upcoming surgery. You will then be able to make an informed decision as to whether you feel the proposed benefits of surgery outweigh the risks. The purpose of this text is to assist you in making this important decision. It should be stressed that if you have any concerns or uncertainties about any aspect of your care, please ask questions.

What Are Alternatives To Knee Replacement Surgery?
Arthritis is a process that produces pain and stiffness of a joint. In many cases the pain is adequately relieved by pain medication. The use of a walking stick, reducing your body weight and activities that aggravate pain can be helpful. If these methods fail, then joint replacement surgery may be an option. You may choose not to have joint replacement surgery, recognizing your current condition and limitations.

What Is A Total Knee Replacement?
A total knee replacement is a procedure in which the doctor removes an arthritic knee joint and replaces it with an artificial one. This procedure is done when your knee joint is painful or is not working well and other treatments have not worked.

Will The Knee Replacement Wear Out And Loosen?
As with any artificial body part, there is a risk of the implant wearing out or coming loose. This risk is small and difficult to quantify but is greater in active patients aged under 55 years, male sex and heavier patients.

Will I Need To Have The Knee Replacement Re-Done?
The majority of patients who have knee replacement surgery do not need to have the operation re-done. It is likely that over a fifteen year period that 5% of patients will need further surgery to their knee. The reasons for this will include infection and wearing out or loosening of the knee replacement.

Successful Knee Replacement Operations
On balance, the majority of patients of patients are happy they have had a knee replacement operation, and view it as a success.
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Total Knee Replacement Surgery, London
Mr. Jig Patel FRCS is an Orthopaedic Surgeon based in Central London and he specialises in total knee replacement surgery.
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